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  • 30, May, 2021

Why Online Customer Reviews are More Important than Ever in 2021?

As of 2021, over 93% of all consumers read an online review before making a purchase or hiring a company for a service. However, 91% of consumers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations and 93% of customers admit that online reviews influenced their buying choice. Plus, customers spend more than 31% on a business with positive and excellent reviews.

This means that, more than ever, businesses must be on top of their game when it comes to the quality of their products or level of service. The fact is that numerous businesses compete in the same market, providing the same goods and services. Besides price, online reputation is the only thing that distinguishes one from the other. And, a healthy online reputation can be acquired from positive online reviews.

People trust other people when they believe the information comes in an unbiased way from a neutral source. Online reviews are trending at the top of Google search results and this is unlikely to change in 2021 and further. Maybe you’re already on board and receiving customer reviews, but here are some more reasons that will highlight the significance of online customer reviews for your business:

Top 7 Reasons why Customer Reviews are More Crucial than Ever!

Know Your Customer’s Pain Points and Enhance Customer Service

Assessing your customers’ reviews motivates you to enhance your customer service. These reviews work as a medium to interact with your customers. If you take your consumer reviews seriously and seek to enhance what they say, you’ll be able to understand and solve your client’s pain points more effectively and quickly.

Powerful Social Proof to Increase a Brand’s Credibility

As of 2021, we are a generation brought up on the power of online customer reviews. We love to hear what others say before making purchasing judgments. Gone are the days when you had to personally know someone to believe their advice. Today, you can consider online review sites for recommendations in the same way that you ask your friends and family for such suggestions in person. Thus, consumer reviews work as great social proof and if you’ve good rating (4-5 star) reviews, it gives a signal to your would-be customers that you’re a credible and trustworthy brand. And, they will more likely to buy (goods or services) from you over your competitors.

Establish Customer Loyalty

Customers who invest some time to write feedback seem to be more loyal to your brand and return back frequently. However, if you allow your consumers to write meaningful and honest evaluations about your products and services, you will not only validate their voice but also establish a long-term relationship with them.

Climb up the SERP

Customer reviews are the most effective way to climb up the local SERP. It supports businesses in ranking highly even if they have not optimized for it properly.

Besides, making customer reviews available on your official business website will positively impact your future consumers. When they notice that a large number of people are doing business with you, they will begin to trust you as well as the service or goods you deliver. As a result, your brand’s authority in the market will grow.

Reviews Fetch More Reviews

If your business is having a bunch of online reviews, it influences other visitors to leave their own comments. Thus, the presence of several reviews will give your new consumers the motivation and confidence to share their own thoughts about your business service or products.

Powerful Marketing Tool

If you truly wish to be successful in today’s competitive business world without really advertising your company, your products must be so innovative, unique, and beneficial that your consumers will promote it for you.

Positive online reviews work as a powerful marketing tool to draw in more business compared to all of your other marketing materials. In simple words, customer reviews are like micro-marketing campaigns that continue to keep the ball in your court for a long time even after their posting. They also assist in developing your brand recognition, which will benefit both your long and short-term commercial objectives.

Sales Booster

As we have already stated above, reviews influence the buying decision of your potential customers. A positive and glowing review can attract 10 new consumers, whilst a negative review would prevent 20 people from making a purchase.  Thus, a set of positive reviews will influence other customers to pen down their experience with you. As a result, your brand’s online visibility will get increased over different channels of online space and it will boost your sales. Undoubtedly, online customer reviews work as a great sales booster.

Wrapping Up

If you’re not leveraging the power of online customer reviews in 2021, you’re surely going to miss out on a vital marketing tactic. They improve search engine rankings, foster trust, and loyalty, and give your customers a sense of validation.

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